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Thursday, January 04, 2007

$10, $100 or $1000 tea pot?

All tea lovers will know of Zisha tea pot. They come in different colours, sizes, designs and of course different prices. So what is a reasonable amount to spend (some say invest) in a tea pot?

Personally, i go for the functionality of teapots more than its "investment" potential. As long as it satisfies basic technical performance, proportionate ratio and balance, it is a good pot to me.

The value of tea drinking is intrinsic to the appreciation process. Therefore, the monetary value of a teapot is irrelevant to the enjoyment process. The context of tea drinking, the people and environment matters more than the price of the tea pots.

Does that mean an expensive teapot is a waste of money? Of course not.

The "Tao" of tea means everything is relative. There is no absolute cheap or expensive teapot. The teapot market caters to tea lovers, art collectors in fact just about everyone. Therefore, there is always a pot for everyone, every budget and every intention.


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